Pyramidmania: How we keep on taking the same picture over and over again…


Tired from these pyramids… (image from Flickr, taken by KgbBristol)

Afbeelding 10

The Audiger family from Knoxville, USA, visiting the pyramids during their “Grand Tour” in 1912 (Image from Penn University libraries).

444px-Steve Swayne_at_Giza 1978 wikimedia

Steve Swayne at the pyramids in 1978 (wikimedia)


Yuri Gagarin visiting the pyramids in 1962…

614px-Flickr_-_cale woodley, australia 2009 wikimedia_-_

Cale Woodley from Australia, 2009  (wikimedia)

Four pyramids of giza-egy006loc

English tourists at the pyramids, ca. 1890.


Australian soldiers, 1915 (coolection State Library of Queensland)  

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A group of wealthy Irish men and women by the Pyramids during one of the first Thomas Cook package holidays. Slide from a collection found in a house in Dunmanway, Ireland.

QueenoftheSahara-MargaretColl © 2011 speknek. All rights reserved.

“Queen of the Sahara”, Margaret Coll, 2009 (via Wikimedia).


King Pedro II of Brazil during a visit to Egypt in 1871.


“Our Party. December 1892″  (collection Boston Public Library)